Join our widely available platform towards a smarter and more sustainable food ecosystem where stakeholders are able to:

Supply Chain

  • Automate manually intensive processes, eliminate paper & associated costs
    Reduce labour resources currently required for repetitive data entry tasks as well as cost and energy to send documents across the different parties
  • Reduce data input errors & data corruption
    Leverage IoT & field sensors to optimize manual processes which are prone to errors
  • Centralize information across all parties
    Registered users can access real time reports and trace food products

Compliance and Trust

Limit Food Fraud & Improve Compliance 

By securely recording and reporting food’s trace, we can reduce food fraud, a business that globally exceeds $10bn annually


Reduce food losses 

A widely available traceability automation and real time quality verification platform such as Agritrack is a strong sustainability proposition. It has the potential of on time accurate business intelligence, guiding actors to reduce losses associated with non optimal decisions and lack of information sharing

Simple & Effective deployment

  • Serverless cloud based platform integrated with IoT devices delivering a cost effective and easily scalable solution
  • Sensors (RFID & spectroscopy) used to collect field data reliably, with minimal maintenance costs

Immutable & secure

  • Immutable ledger technology for all cryptographically verifiable records
  • Hybrid ledger structure for GDPR compliance
  • One source of truth that all stakeholders can trust and agree on