Quality from farm to fork

Traceability, Agri Supply Chain Optimization and Real Time Quality Control

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Be part of Agritrack, the ecosystem that helps participants collect and streamline food information. Enable smarter and faster data collection from the field and operations using IoT, achieve transparent and safe dissemination of food’s journey using a permissioned & permanent ledger and leverage real time food quality decisions using Machine Learning and Imaging Technologies. The end goals are simple: reduce costs, risk and waste while increasing the efficiency and the security of our food’s value chain.


Record securely and effortlessly quantity and quality detail. Agritrack creates a secure gateway to capture transactions which are stored safely on our immutable cloud ledger. The information can be accessed at any time and can be shared only to validated partners.

Food Processing & Distribution

Digitize all the touch points from field to production and assess quality quickly and reliably. Food journey reports updated by physical events in the supply chain and accessible only by permissioned parties. It is time to re-invent how product information is collected and shared!

Retail & Consumers

Easily accessing food’s digital footprint from production / harvest / slaughter / catch, post harvest operations, storage, transportation, processing and converting it to real time meaningful information, retailers and consumers can make improved decisions and change habits.

Entire Agricultural Value Chain

A customizable suite of solutions that fosters food traceability and quality, unlocking supply chain inefficiencies, reducing food loss and waste.