Agritrack Offers:

A post-harvest automation platform tuned to optimize perishable food value chains.

We use technology and predictive microbiology to track quality from farm to fork

How we do it:

Process digitization


QR Code

Immutable records

Expiration date prediction

Quality characteristics assessment via A.I

Business Intelligence

Dynamic event mapping

Benefits of Agritrack

  • Continuous monitor food quality
  • Optimize operational costs & food losses
  • Reduce risk
  • Digitize field operations
  • Enable non-invasive quality control on the field
  • Dynamically predict expiration date
  • Deliver inline quality control
  • Secure traceability compliance
  • Share food provenance & quality to consumers with QR codes
  • Improve decision making


  • Guide the way towards a transition to a circular economy
  • Minimize CO2 production

Transform your food value chain

  • IoT to effortlessly collect data from the field
  • Cloud technologies to provide transparency and data availability across all Agritrack users
  • Immutable Digital Ledger technologies to secure traceability and ensure the safety of the information
  • Machine Learning with Spectroscopy to deliver field quality assessment
  • Food Science and Process Analytical Technologies to ensure food quality and predict expiration date
Our Solution in a glance
traceability automation record secure


Use IoT and Cloud to track and improve operations across the food value chain (farm to fork), while ensuring compliance

traceability platform

Monitor Quality

Predictive food microbiology to assess food shelf life (risk assessment) and AI to evaluate food quality characteristics. Equip your operations with enhanced business intelligence/ enable them to better assess where it should be processed & how it should be sold.

food value chain intelligence

Share your foods journey

Share provenance and quality to enhance marketing, improve brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Share the stories that consumers care about the most.

Industries We Serve‚Äč

Fish - Aquacultures

The platform that digitizes the aquaculture industry: Monitor fish’s quality from sea to fork, using IoT, A.I and Ledger technologies.



Monitor dairy quality from farm to table, using NIR & Machine Learning build brand loyalty and enhance marketing competitive advantage.

More to come

What our customers say
With Agritrack all stakeholders benefit, from the farmer to the consumer. The farmers benefit via the optimization of communication, minimization of operational costs and real-time information of food quality control. The consumers can now trust and improve buying habits based on product story. Locations, production conditions, storage and delivery are now at the reach of their hand.
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