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Welcome to DairyTrack

Rebalance the dairy value chain by introducing modern and straightforward digital methods to create transparency, trust and information services, from Farm-to-Fork.

So is quality control an important cost fact? How much is it costing the dairy industry?

Up to 8%

 Incoming and wip material losses for the dairy industry

So how does Agritrack help?

DairyTrack reduces food losses and costs by optimizing dairy value chain production processes and giving consumers and inspectors the option to trace the provenance and quality of dairy products via QR Codes used on product packaging.

Quantifiable quality in the field
Estimation of fat and protein (coming soon) content

Reduce production losses and costs

Increase consumer willingness to pay

Secure traceability compliance

Automate quality control & production processes

Enables farmers to:

  • Automate field data collection and validate dairy pick-up details (quantity, quality and identity)
  • Access data regarding their operations, enhance traceability, prevent fraud and demonstrate the authenticity of dairy products.

Can enable production:

  • Classify incoming material when they arrive at their production facilities
  • Analyze real-time protein content for the incoming and outgoing streams reducing out-of-spec production and cutting down at-line laboratory costs

Enables consumers:

  • Know the provenance and quality of what they are buying, hence having a better experience
Food Value Chain Intelligence