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We can leverage Agritrack’s backbone infrastructure (IoT and Cloud technologies) to optimize supply chains, from asset management to workflow automation and product distribution.

Benefits of Agritrack

  • Integrated automation solutions for optimized data capture
  • Software gateways that bridge the gap between IoT technologies and system software (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc.)

Production Control

Automate processes within manufacturing. Use of IoT to track and monitor materials, allowing for the optimization of operations and increased efficiency. Increase visibility and control as well as identify errors and anomalies within production.

Asset management

Automated asset & inventory tracking, providing traceability and historical tracking information as well as a diverse number of reports for your business intelligence and decision making.

Supervision of supply chain processes

Extensive order checking from the distribution centers to their depos and retail shops in real time, accompanied by fast and effortless order receipt, reliable search capabilities for items and lightning fast inventory.

Industrial laundries and hotels

End to end solution, ensuring a fast and reliable delivery and receipt of your linen between industrial laundries and their customers. It enables a fast process cycle, increased service level, and more efficient management of linen through their life cycle, as well as reduction of their total cost.

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