Agritrack in Zootechnia Expo


Agritrack had an active presence at this year’s Zootechnia Expo!

Vlasis Tsezos was invited by Agricultural University of Athens and EIT Food to be part of a panel alongside 3 other technology innovators (TELEFARM SA, AGENSO & HappyGoats).
The panel focused on the Dairy sector’s sustainable growth opportunities through technological advancements. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from leading industry professionals on topics ranging from automation and analytics to processes for developing more efficient and sustainable dairy enterprises.

Recurring themes included how technology can be leveraged to reduce costly processes, boost efficiency, and create new opportunities for growth.

We discussed innovative strategies such as the use of IoT, AI and data-driven insights to improve decision-making and exploring ways to integrate sustainability initiatives into operations.

We also shed light on the sector’s challenges, emphasizing the importance of forming partnerships and leveraging data to drive smarter decisions. In addition, we identified key areas for dairy sector companies to focus on.

The takeaway simple, to improve the value chain you need measurable and actionable insights, hence you do need:
1. Collect accurate data from field and operations
2. Secure data
3. Process data
4. Simple and actionable reporting / dashboards for all stakeholders